The coo coo birds leave DC and fly to Detroit for the AFT convention.

As I was flying to DC for the NEA RA I was sent a copy of a challenge to the NEA from a group of standardized testing critics (which I am as well). If you go back and read the posts and comments that followed you know that this got all very heated.

All that anti-union invective seemed  odd to me, since the NEA RA did pass a New Business Item offering support for parents who have their children opt out. This didn’t stop the barrage of attacks on my union and the 9,000 delegates, teachers and other education workers who attended the national meeting.

Now some of these same goofy critics are going after the other national teacher union. The AFT holds their national convention in Detroit at the end of this month.

Some blogger has posted a photograph of a resolution that a group of rank-and-file paraprofessional members of the AFT from Oklahoma are planning to submit to the convention. Their proposal is this: That the AFT support them in getting the training they need to do the job they are required to do as a condition of their employment in carrying out the Common Core.

What’s wrong with this? Nothing that I can see.

Do I need to be a supporter of the Common Core to support the proposal? Nope.

Can I be a critic of the Common Core and support it? Certainly.

But the photograph that is being circulated has its title conveniently cropped off. And there’s no explanation of what the proposal is, who submitted it or that it doesn’t necessarily represent current or future AFT policy.

But the suggestion is that it does. And the suggestion is that this somehow proves that the AFT leadership has sold out.

Members of both the AFT and the NEA have plenty of real stuff that the leadership of both unions do that are worthy of criticism.

If you make stuff like this up your credibility as a critic of union leadership is zilch. And so it makes me wonder what these people are up to.

A proposal from AFT paraprofessionals in Oklahoma. 

4 Replies to “The coo coo birds leave DC and fly to Detroit for the AFT convention.”

  1. We don’t believe that Prof. Horn is anti-union in any fashion. While we agree that the above resolution may be easy to take out of context, at the very least there should be language in it condemning corporate core standards. In other words: “we vehemently oppose CCSS, but in the even that it’s forced on us, we paraprofessionals want adequate training.” In that way if would make it seem less of a rubber stamp of the Gates Foundation, er, we mean, the Secretary of Education’s draconian policies.

    We won’t go on record that AFT leadership has entirely, in your words, “sold out,” but we will say that Ms. Weingarten supports some very questionable policies and has made some dubious alliances. We also understand that the rank and file can pressure union leadership to do the right thing and to take a strong stance against CCSS.

    In solidarity

  2. Have you contacted the blogger that distorted the para’s proposal and told him to change how he presented it? Or just me to criticize the para’s wording?

  3. Hola Fred, today I heard Ed Schultz on the radio interviewing Randi Whinegarten (sic) This is so typical of our media. We have a loudmouth with a radio and a tv show who’s all about the Obama position on all issues and to prove how down he is with we rank and filers he rolls out this half million dollar a year lawyer who’s taught for all of 10 months and lived as a parasite off the rest of us for decades. Even when they claim to Get It, they don’t Get It.

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