2 Replies to “Woody’s 100th birthday.”

  1. Hi Fred,

    I took in the French poster exhibition at the Milwaukee Art Museum on Sunday with a friend of mine who recently retired from teaching in the Wisconsin Public Schools. Sue has always been an exceptionally dedicated teacher, choosing to work with the most difficult high school students her county had to offer. She frequently arrived at school at 6:00 AM to make sure her lessons met the needs of each of her students, and to work on the prolific paperwork required of teachers who work with students in alternative settings. Often, she would stay until 6:00 PM to meet with other professionals (caseworkers, juvenile justice officers, etc.) to discuss the progress of her students.

    Sue told me that she and her colleagues had not received a raise during the last three years. Further, since Scott Walker abolished collective bargaining, the teachers in her district can no longer negotiate any of their working conditions. Her superintendent announced in the middle of the year that the district was going to start offering merit pay, but as of her retirement, nothing ever came of it. She was incredulous that the recall of Scott Walker failed. Sue is the kind of teacher that every parent hopes their children have at least once during their school years. It was difficult for me to see such an excellent educator demoralized and bitter about the condition of education in Wisconsin. She felt betrayed, and really, who can blame her?


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