Life in Rahm’s Chicago. Teachers take Rahm to school.

Even the Chicago Sun-Times, which was recently bought by close pals of the Mayor, have pointed out the obvious.

Chicago teachers have taken Rahm to school.

For a political chess player who never makes a move without thinking three moves ahead, Mayor Rahm Emanuel looks more like a high school clubber than a grand master when it comes to the teachers contract.

One year into his first term as mayor, the guy who came swaggering into town with a reputation as a tough foul-mouthed street fighter has been shown to be the suburban whiny rich kid that he really always was.

It is proper that the ones who have brought him down to earth are Chicago’s teachers, led by their truly tough-as-nails president, Karen Lewis.

“I want a longer school day,” demanded the Mayor.

“What are you going to do with it?,” asked parents and teachers.

“I don’t know,” said the Mayor. “But more is better, right?”

Of course, there was no research to support his theory.

“We have the shortest school day in the country,” said the Mayor.

Not so.

“We do not have the shortest day, yet he keeps saying it, and he keeps repeating it. We have the data to show it’s not true — especially not in high school,” (Karen Lewis) said.

“You say the same thing over and over again. That’s what politicians do. They sing one note and sing it over and over again. The good news is the educators are at the table — not the politicians.”

“How are you going to pay for it?” parents and teachers asked.

“I’m not going to pay for it,” said the Mayor.

When the arbitrator he agreed upon came back and said that he did have to pay for it, the Mayor claimed the rest of the world was not “tethered to reality.”

Yes, Rahm. Everybody is crazy, except you.

After seemingly pinning all his hopes on the arbitrator’s report, Emanuel all but dismissed it and said the stalemate would be resolved at the bargaining table, paving the way for an on time opening of Chicago public schools.

The mayor would not say how he plans to compensate teachers for the extra work he wants them to perform. He has already signed off on a budget that authorized a 2 percent pay raise for teachers and drains every last penny of school reserves to pay for it.

Rahm, who so behaved like a rich-kid bully when he was Chief of Staff in the Obama White House that reports emerged that Michelle Obama wanted him out, has found that things are no better for him in Chicago.

Polls show him with less than 20% support in his battle with the teachers.

Those who can’t, become Mayor.

3 Replies to “Life in Rahm’s Chicago. Teachers take Rahm to school.”

  1. This knee jerk repetitive stuff sounds more like a Republican. ” You are not in the real world ” is a common phrase used when talking about teachers, but in the ‘real world’ people get paid for extra hours worked. What does a lawyer bill per hour and partial hour?

  2. More schooling lessons for Rahm:

    Dear Rahm,

    In my classroom of (35 plus) 13 and 14 year olds, in Englewood, (your community nemesis) a lot of conflicts can occur. Many of these start with what I call “chest puffing” meaning sometimes for no reason and sometimes out of anger we flex our muscles and make our thoughts known. It is important that we speak our minds and offer our opinions and suggestions, my literacy classes would be a bore without some attitude.

    But here is my simple rule, if your willing to share it you are also willing to take the criticism and the consequences of your stance. Simple really. Now what really shows progress is when we are able to understand an argument or position requires an explanation and will always be met with some criticism… this is an invaluable tool for my kids and considering their neighborhood often resembles a war zone, protecting your honor while understanding your limitations may itself be a real “life” lesson.

    Why is it that my “failing” teens (in our failed school, with a failed teacher) can understand this simple logic. Fair is fair, right is right, etc. And how come when we have lessons around “consensus building” I am never not amazed at the concessions kids will make when they see the whole argument. Rahm take a lesson from the kids, you can’t always get your way no matter how loud you blow. (and as you may not get the southside speak, blow is talk or yell)



  3. Rahm is empying his reserve fund even though he knows that large pension payments are due starting next year. That is step one. Get poor to cry poor. The brilliant legislators have listened to these cries in the past and will surely continue to do so. Funding levels decrease below those of police and fire.

    Step two, get control of the CTPF. He is getting help from none other than Tom Cross who has sponsored a bill for two years now, trying to eliminate the elected directors of the CTPF and replace them with 7 appointed directors, 4 of which will be appointed by the mayor. (Penny Pritzker, the expert educator and soon-to-be exppert pension fund director, could get real busy real soon if that bill ever passes.)

    Can you imagine what would happen next? The mayor would demand “loans” to the city to solve his financial issues. Then the “loans” would be forgiven. The 10-year COLA “suspension” he wants will never end because there will be no money left. There will also be zero money for health insurance support. Then, finally, the actual pension fund is finally destroyed. Then we all die. It’s a win-win for Rahm.

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