4 Replies to “Bill Gates’ dreams.”

  1. And don’t forget his plan for wristbands to monitor the children’s reactions to their teachers. Or maybe it’s another billionaire bad boy’s plan — can’t keep track of all the nonsense they are planning.

  2. It’s not really a dream, he said as much himself in talking about the Microsoft School for the Future here in Philly. He said he wants kids to be proficient enough to be able to work for him. (he pulled out though, conflicts with the past superintendent). Real noble educational goals, huh?

  3. I agree with Bill Gates, face to face communication with other human beings is so “yesterday.” I think that kids should be placed in pods when they come to school. They will be hermetically sealed in pods that will “store” and “educate” them with video games and Khan Academy videos. Before the videos start, there would be a welcome video from Bill Gates who would express his caring and desire to “educate” America’s children. This will also keep discipline problems to a minimum, especially in those big cities. The teacher can check the pods and make sure that the students are administered the right amounts of oxygen, and that their galvanic wristbands, brought to you by Microsoft, will show that they are in peak-interest mode. The students could be kept in their pods and transported home that way, only to be “released” upon reaching their home or “alternative learning location.” Parents would also be encouraged to keep their little ones playing educational games, brought to you by Microsoft, in the pods at home. This could also take care of day care, etc. Perhaps we could build large storage facilities where these pods could be stored. Research shows that these pods would also reduce teen pregnancy. Kids could take standardized tests right in the pods as well. They wouldn’t even have to leave their personal educational learning environments. Let’s keep an open mind, teachers!

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