Joe McCarthy goes to summer camp.











Nobody would ever confuse right-wing pundit Tucker Carlson for a progressive Jew.

My grandma Esther might have called him a putz. But she would never use such language.

Some might confuse him for Joe McCarthy, however.

Carlson’s Daily Caller has decided to go after a progressive Jewish summer camp as some kind Bolshevik training operation. All because President Obama has nominated Erica Groshen to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and she once sent her children to Camp Kinderland. 


Rachel Maddow reports on it here.

I heard Rush Limbaugh go after Kinderland on his radio show yesterday. It drove me crazy. He kept pronouncing Kinderland as if it were Disneyland. Or Opryland. It’s pronounced “Camp Kinderlin,” for chrisakes.

Camp Kinderland is in Western Massachusetts. It was started in the twenties by Jewish progressives and socialists. Even a few communists. Members of my family have been spending their summers there for generations.

Kinderland promotes the ideas of peace, justice and equality.

Crazy, right?

I have to admit that I myself never went to Camp Kinderland. I spent my summers at de Benneville Pines, a Unitarian Universalist summer camp in the San Bernardino Mountains of Southern California. It was a youth run camp that promoted the ideas of peace, justice and equality. We also had kids of pagans and witches.

Really. California. Sixties. What can I say?

My own kids went to summer camp based on the views of a Swiss educator who believed in bringing kids together from all over the world. Get ’em when the’re young and they might see the value of peace, social justice and equality.

All of them dangerous summer camps in the creepy minds of people like Tucker and Rush.

To learn more about Camp Kinderland, you can visit

Drive Tucker crazy. Send a donation.

7 Replies to “Joe McCarthy goes to summer camp.”

  1. Fred – these people are nuts. Two days ago i did a google of my father’s name (I might write a book) and there was a new post about a book that claims “Obamacare” comes straight from a bill my father wrote for Senator Claude Pepper for “socialized” medicine. So these nuts are trying to discredit Obama in another way — his mentor supposedly was a Frank Marshall Davis a writer and poet who lived in Chicago and moved to Hawaii where he influenced Obama at the age of 10! Davis supposedly took the bill from his fellow comrade. It’s a convoluted story for sure. But I’m proud that my dad wrote the original healthcare bill.

  2. As an ex-Kinderlander I just wanted to suggest that the correct pronunciation is closer to “Kinderlond” than “kinderlin.” Our camp song (in the original Yiddish):
    O Kinderlond, du tsoyberlond
    Oonter himlen frayeh
    Mir kumen zikh doh uprooen
    Shtarken oon banayen.

    1. Duly noted and appreciated, Hector. Although in our family, the “land” was more “lin,” barely pronouncing the “d”.

      1. Got it, Fred. Did Rush really mention this? Oy vey, the crazies will now come out of the woodwork everywhere.

  3. I went to summer programs for kids at St. Mary of Mount Carmel on the southside of Chicago in a Little Italy area. We were told to take care of each other, to give to the poor and to visit the sick – which we were all capable of doing as children. We were told that when we grew up we should continue to take care of each other and follow the Catholic tradition of Christ to “feed the poor and heal the sick” as best we could and in our own way.
    Well, times have changed. Catholic nuns are called radical feminists for doing what we were all, male and female, taught to do. Priests tell us to vote against health care laws, get a job, pull yourself up by your own bootstraps and to vote republican. Priests who take vows of eternal celibacy dictate traditional family values and “normal” sexual behavior. Priests who have lifetime health care, housing, food and clothing paid for by donations so they do not have to work for a living call health care and food stamps “socialism and communism while living communally in rectories with other unmarried men.
    Jews and Catholics who attended summer programs as children are as bewildered by pension cutting cruelty as atheists who never attended any summer programs as children. The bizzare shift in social and moral behavior has thinking people feeling bewildered and betrayed. One thing is certain. Tucker is a sell-out, a panderer, to the extremist right wing plutocracy. May he reap what he sows.

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