Uncle Kenny and selective blindness. Reform Springfield.


Why is it that those in Springfield can see “no other way” to fix the pension issue Uncle Kenny didn’t create, yet not one person in a position to affect change talks about Illinois’ structural deficit and it’s regressive tax code that emulates only a rare handful of states that sport a flat tax? What is it? Selective blindness?

Nope. It’s easier to hurt Uncle Kenny and the hundreds of thousands like him – and tank the state’s economy in the process – than to actually fix the revenue problem inherent in Illinois structural deficit and regressive flat tax system.

And after Uncle Kenny “pitches in to save the system” he didn’t break by diminishing benefits protected by the IL Constitution and US Constitution, what is to stop those in Springfield who aren’t following the very law they passed to fix the problem from coming back and asking for more of Uncle Kenny’s retirement benefits every couple of years?

Selective amnesia?

The real reform needed is to reform Springfield. I hope Uncle Kenny and the hundreds of thousands like him remember that.

– MiC

2 Replies to “Uncle Kenny and selective blindness. Reform Springfield.”

  1. I’m glad Kenny and others are getting the idea that the only way to protect pensions and get tax reform is to vote the incumbents out and load the house and senate with republicans so Madigan and Cullerton lose their positions as speaker and whatever Cullerton calls himself.

    1. Where did you get THAT from the “Kenny” posts? Tom Cross, GOP leader of the House as Speaker? Protect pensions? You have got to be kidding. This is like choosing between which mob family you want running the city. Reforming Springfield isn’t choosing between Republicans and Democrats.

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