The in box. Save Our Schools returns to Washington DC.

Anthony Cody is an educator and organizer of Save Our Schools. SOS brought 5,000 activists to Washinton DC last summer for a widely reported protest of national education policies.

SOS is returning to DC next week for a conference and creation of a People’s Education Platform. I will be a member of a panel on teacher unions on Saturday.

Here is Anthony Cody’s call to participate from his Ed Week column.

Last July 31, thousands of teachers and parents joined together in the hot sun in the nation’s capital for the Save Our Schools March and Rally. I was one of the organizers of last year’s event, but have not been quite so involved this year. Nonetheless, I will be joining with activists a week from now for the Save Our Schools Convention.

I will be there because SOS has once again created a crossroads for our movement, just as it did last summer. So much of our communication these days is online, via blogs, Facebook and Twitter. Last year in DC I met scores of people in person who were familiar to me. But meeting in person allows a connection that is much harder to achieve online. I look forward to renewing those connections, and making new ones.

I hope SOS continues to play this role as a convener for a wide spectrum of teachers, parents, and activists who want to support public education. That has been its strength and is a role no other group is playing these days.

From Bob Schaeffer comes this:


Marriott Wardman Park hotel, Washington, DC

  • Hear author Jonathan Kozol’s prescription for saving public schools
  • Meet the next generation of student activist leaders
  • Learn from Deborah Meier, the first public school teacher to win a MacArthur “genius” award
  • Be briefed by civil rights lawyers about the latest initiatives to protect parents and educators
  • Talk to school board members spearheading the opposition to failed policies
  • Explore with Nancy Carlsson-Page the concerns of early childhood educators
  • Find out organizers’ plans for expanding the testing opt-out movement
  • Examine the assessment reform agenda for replacing “No Child Left Behind”
  • Listen to grassroots leaders debate the Peoples Principles platform
  • Discover why education activists from across the U.S. support Save Our Schools

The full convention program is available here.

You can find information about registration and discounted hotel accommodations here at the Save Our Schools website.

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