3 Replies to “Cullerton: “No letting teachers off the hook.””

  1. Yes, can’t you see his point. After all, teachers caused this pension crisis so they must be made to pay for it. They spent their money on all of their pet projects and gave tax breaks of million$$$ of dollars to their friends in big business, esp. the CME guys who own those great summer houses in Michigan. So of course teachers should pay for pension reform. Especially the teachers already retired. They are raking it in, boating with the rich and famous, spending all of their time relaxing in hammocks. Yes, teachers should not be let off the hook. Or do I mean legislators?

  2. So how many videotapes do we have from Cullerton telling us “No, I only want to look at this in the pensions” or some other nonsense? The one thing I’ve taken away from the whole pension issue over the past few years is how the word of a legislator has no value. They tell you one thing face to face and then do something else. I guess honesty is not a prerequisite to serving in public service.

    1. No, Ed. Honesty is a disqualifier. You are exactly right which is why we can’t just address the pension issue by itself. We need to Reform Springfield.

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