One Reply to “Bloomberg.”

  1. Did any of you read the Commentary by Kara Spak in the July 31st Sun-Times? (If you don’t read it, make SURE to look it up online–it’s in the July 30th Opinions) Title: “N.Y. Mayor Wrong on Breast-feeding.” Quote:

    “New York City’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg is issuing his own wake-up call to the city’s
    new mothers,asking public hospitals to lock up baby formula, part of a program
    designed to improve the city’s breast-feeding rates. Nurses will need to sign formula
    out like medicine.”

    I guess, since the mayor can’t turnaround any more schools, and has been criticized for
    trying to outlaw Big Gulps, that he’s now picking on new mothers.

    He gives new meaning to the words “bully pulpit.”

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