The strange take on SOS by Education Week. Who wasn’t there?

John Dewey wasn’t there. He was somewhere else.

SOS Event Draws Small Crowd said the headline in Ed Week Teacher.

They went on to say, “In sharp contrast to last summer’s celebrity-attended rally and march to the White House, the Save Our Schools gathering this year proved a quiet, 150-person affair.”

Well yes. And in sharp contrast to the Million Man March, the dinner party at my house proved a quiet, 6-person affair.

Did someone explain to Ed Week reporter Liana Heitin the difference between a demonstration and a conference?

A couple of hundred education activists, teachers and academics meet in sweltering Washington DC in August and Liana focuses on who wasn’t there.

Diane Ravitch is writing a book. She wasn’t there.

I am an avid reader of Diane Ravitch. But what’s the point?

Certainly if we make a list of people who weren’t there it would be longer than the list of people who were there.

I think that is probably true for anything that happens anywhere.

But Debbie Meir was there. And Jonathan Kozol. And Nancy Carlsson-Paige.

But not her son, Matt Damon.

Who I will see next week.

The Bourne Legacy opens in a theater near you.


I was there.

Correction: Matt Damon isn’t in the new Bourne movie. Too bad.

2 Replies to “The strange take on SOS by Education Week. Who wasn’t there?”

  1. Much ado about nothing. She should have focused more on how this is a viable movement and also the weather. Unlike a lot of demonstrations and movements that peter out, SOS has ‘legs’.

    In regards to the weather. With heat indexes cracking 103-110 degrees the past few weeks in Washington, it’s difficult to convince anyone to come out and show up. Perhaps with cooler weather next year, more will show up.

    In addition, a conference is not a demonstration. Perhaps a dictionary for this reporter is in order.

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