Illinois’ Constitutional amendment.


In a presidential election year most of the attention is at the top of the ballot.

Then voters will pay some attention to contested congressional elections.

Who in Illinois will know what they are voting on when they get a separate ballot for Constitutional Amendment 49?

Not many.

Speaker of the House Michael Madigan knew what he was doing when he had the House vote unanimously to put this on the ballot, joined by a three fifths of the Senate. Even so-called progressives, like north shore Representative Robyn Gabel, signed off on this one.

But if three fifths of those voting in November agree, the Illinois state constitution will be amended to require three fifths approval of a governing body in order to increase a benefit covered by any public pension or retirement system.

What’s counts as a benefit?

Terms like “benefit increase,” “emolument increase,” and “beneficial determination” will all end up being litigated.

Does it include a simple cost of living increase? If the CA49 passes, along with the other threatened benefit cuts, this will all end up in court.

Court isn’t free.

Who wins?


2 Replies to “Illinois’ Constitutional amendment.”

  1. Nope. Court isn’t free but Madigan can then say it is not his problem anymore and he will be free of that part of the pension issue. He is handing it off to the courts. Meanwhile, retirees will be hurt. Not that it matters to Madigan and his ilk. He is only interested in getting rid of these pesky pensions. Shove them onto local school boards. Give them to the courts to fight about. Anybody but him, the one who casued the problem in the first place. Madigan is another example of an Eddie Haskell. Dishonest to the core and then tries to get others to take the blame and solve the problems.

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