Brizard plays Eddie Haskell to the CPS board.

For those of you old enough to remember the old Leave it to Beaver show, you will instantly know what I mean when I say that CPS CEO JC Brizard is our town’s own Eddie Haskell.

Over the years, Eddie Haskell has become a cultural stereotype, the insincere ass kisser. Beaver Cleaver’ dad once remarked that “Eddie is so polite, it’s almost un-American.”

Following the successful petition campaign to put an elected school board on the November ballot in Chicago, Brizard has become embarrassing in his defense of Rahm’s appointed millionaire board members, like the union-busting Penny Pritzker.

10,000 names on petitions were submitted to the Board of Elections this past week.

Pritzker, by the way, has been well-rewarded for her service on the school board. She has received millions in TIF money to build a new anti-union Hyatt in Chicago.

In Haskell-like “Golly, Mr. Cleaver” grovel mode we have Brizard:

“I think Chicago really has one of the best school boards ever seen in history. I’ve worked for both, elected and appointed school boards. By far, this is the highest-performing board I have ever seen.”

The best in history?

All of history? Ever? The best?

Damn. Go easy there, Eddie. I mean Jean Claude.

10 Replies to “Brizard plays Eddie Haskell to the CPS board.”

  1. WTH Is a high- performing school board? Is someone evaluating them with a rubric using a Big Goal? How quickly do they finish the Do Now? What’s the metric for showing growth? Why are people allowed to speak using this buzz-friendly language. Lastly, why are people like Brizard, even allowed near a school house?

  2. Come on, give the guy a break. It’s not easy to get out there in front of God and everybody and say, “Best we ignore the will of the people and continue doing whatever the hell we please.” You have to give the guy credit for chutzpah.

  3. Yes Arthur is correct. Jean Eduardo speaks from that parallel universe we call the Bilky Way. In his universe up is down and left is right and everywhere all over. TFA can crank out battle ready teachers from their 6 week puppy mill/madrassas so that 22 y/o dogoodniks can bark out military orders at poor black kids for a year or 5 months convinced they have now Paid it Forward and are free to pursue their MBA or Law degree and work that is not as taxing and undignified as dealing with “the children.” It’s Karl Roveland really, surprising that as many of our “reformer” class wear the jackass lapel pin when their actions show them to be Elephantine in nature. The “reformers” care not about what works or what works really well, their preoccupation is with power and the accumulation of more wealth. Overcrowded classes taught by scared kittens guarantee the worst conditions education can offer, none of the “reformers” or their kids would be caught dead in one of their schools but they are sure as hell making a killing. Anyone else seeing Rahm’s grip starting to waiver and Rahmbo hisself starting to circle the drain in a wide slow motion swirl ? Amen to that.

  4. Yes, J.C. SumofUs just sent a petition out to support an Indianapolis Hyatt Hotel worker who was fired after testifying with the title “Worst. Hotel. Ever.” And yet…Fred, didn’t you say in an earlier post that Penny has seven bathrooms in her mansion?

  5. JC just says whatever Rahm tells him to say. A puppet if there ever was one. The state of CPS admin. is more pathetic than ever. Not many are taking them to task for their incredible failed policies that they push down the throats of the children and their teachers. Yet the likes of Pritzker and her ilk continue to profit at the expense of just about everyone. Since when is an elected school board NOT a better idea than an appointed one? Is our country not based on elections by the people and for the people?

    Look at Rahm and Tom Cross. They are working together to pass a bill that would give Rahm total control of the Chicago Teachers Pension Fund. This bill, defeated twice but still floating about, would replace the CTPF elected board of directors who represent all stakeholders with an apppointed board of directors, four of the seven appointed by the mayor of Chicago. Can you imagine what would happen then? Pension money used for Chicago bills, Chicago big business, and Chicago projects and NOT for retired teachers. Health insurance would be gone as would COLAs as the funded ratio would proceed closer to zero.

    The toxic politics that is destoying the retirement of every CTPF retiree, as well as other state and local retirees, is unbelievable. Why can’t these people be held accountable for the heinous things that they do and are planning to do, probably in November? Where are the prisons for these folks? Where oh where is the justice? I thought that working for CPS was tough. Retirement is even tougher.

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