Breaking: Students occupying Social Justice High School.


On the morning of Wed. Aug. 15th 2012, students began occupying the hallways of Social Justice HS in protest of the firing of a popular interim principal and other staff including a clerk who is a military veteran and a new mother.  More to come soon.
-Adam Heenan

7 thoughts on “Breaking: Students occupying Social Justice High School.

  1. Hi Fred, do you know how to reach the organizers/leaders of the sit-in? We’re thinking of issuing a statement of support but not sure how to get in touch to learn more. You can email me at or @emmachungming. Thanks!

  2. Wow! As of 5 PM, absolutely nothing of this on internet or channel 2,5,7,9 websites! (other than Fred, of course)

  3. This was not only because of the firing of the principal. The new principal on the FIRST day of school took away AP classes and only left a few. They instead implemented extraneous reading classes like creative writing and reading workshops. They deprived them of AP english and ap language saying that the people who signed up for those classes DID NOT have the potential to succeed and pass those classes. They only looked at things like GPA and did not acknowledge the determination and work the student might have put in AP boot camp in the SUMMER.

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