The Sunday mail.

This week’s message from the Pension Educator, John Dillon. Keeping Teachers in the Box (or “love you just the way you are”).

We need Woody more than ever. Thank God for Ry Cooder.

America’s public schools are for sale.

Okay. I admit it. I have a thing for Beyonce.

Microsoft sucks. So let’s hand our schools over to Bill Gates?

Rahm and his charter school secret.

And welcome to Rahm’s Chicago. If you’re poor, it is the most dangerous city in America.

We’ve caught him lying about turnaround schools and charter schools, and his overall track record.

But apparently this bad habit has former Chicago Public Schools CEO and current Education Secretary Arne Duncan mythologizing himself, too. A friend alerted me to this recent New Jersey Star-Ledger interview where Duncan makes this claim. 

When I was in high school in the South Side of Chicago, my friends could drop out and get a decent job in the stockyards or steel mills, and own their own home and support a family.

For those who may not be aware, Arne attended the  very expensive, very exclusive University of Chicago Laboratory School, where President Obama’s daughters went to school and Mayor Rahm Emanuel currently sends his children.

The Lab School is in Hyde Park which, while it is indeed located on the south side of Chicago, is generally not considered “the South Side of Chicago.” You know, where Big Bad Leroy Brown lived.

Arne was 7 years old when the stockyards closed.

Read the rest of the article, if you can stomach it  – he’s still lying about school reform, too. PURE


2 Replies to “The Sunday mail.”

  1. Fred, Finally a sympathetic article in a newspaper. Is there some way this can get more attention? I don’t have connections with people. I tried emailing the link to Bob Haisman just now. And now you. I got what I hope was Glenn Brown’s email addy so maybe he got it.

    Patricia Herrmann 1077 Creekside Drive Wheaton, IL 60189 630 653 2306

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