Breaking: CTU House of Delegates meeting this PM. Updated. Updated.

Members of the Chicago Teachers Union arriving at Lane Tech for a possible 10-day strike notification vote. They signed off for picket signs as they entered the meeting.

The Chicago Teachers Union’s largest governing body, the House of Delegates, is meeting at this moment (5PM CDT) at Lane Technical High School on the city’s north side.

WBEZ is reporting that teachers in red CTU t-shirts have been arriving for a while. No press are allowed in the meeting.

CTU Presdient Karen Lewis is reported to have said she will not bring up the question of a 10-day strike notification. That notification is required by law.

However, any CTU House of Delegates member may bring it up according to Lewis.

Members of the House of Delegates have been picking up picket signs as they entered the meeting.

Updated: The House of Delegates’ meeting has just been adjourned with no 10-day strike notification vote taken.

Updated: I’m told that the notification vote was taken. No date set.

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