An injury to one is an injury to all. But not if you’re the IEA.


Check out this photo by Sarah Ji. Big Labor Day Rally in Chicago.

Lots of unions turned out.

Now go to the Illinois Education Association website.

Notice anything?

There is no mention of the huge Chicago Labor Day rally.

In support of who?



Members of the Chicago Teachers Union. Affiliated with the American Federation of Teachers and the Illinois Federation of Teachers.

Members of the We Are One Illinois coalition, along with the IEA, of public employee unions.

No mention.


By the way. The IEA supported NBI 13 at the NEA Representative Assembly last July in Washington that called on the NEA to support the CTU in their negotiations with the hand-picked members of the CPS board of education. That NBI passed nearly unanimously.

Yet it was ignored by IEA leadership today.

What were they doing down in Springfield today.

Having a barbecue?

Barbecue unionism.

13 thoughts on “An injury to one is an injury to all. But not if you’re the IEA.

      1. I sent this:

        Why don’t you show support to Karen Lewis, CTU and all of their dedicated teachers? I don’t understand why your website doesn’t feature the rally today. Please explain.

  1. Fred…. I understand that the opposition believes in a divide and conquer mentality. But; I fail to understand when we do it to ourselves. Perhaps the saying is true. “We have met the enemy, and it is us.”

  2. Your Springfield union (IEA) sounds as screwed up as MY Springfield union (VEA). I’m not sure either should be allowed to call themselves unions anymore. The CTU is a union, one that is putting everyone else to shame.

  3. The shame I feel toward the IEA is best worded as a bubble test question.
    The IEA must be:
    A) incompetent
    B) stupid
    C) afraid
    D) purchased
    E) All of the above in various proportions

  4. I sent the following to the IEA: “Why the MIA for the IEA in Chicago today? Retired IEA member, not happy!”

  5. What a tour de force that Karen Lewis, unlike IEA’s Cinda Klickna where it’s more like the “tour de FARCE”! Where’s our “Karen Lewis’? Instead we get Jerry Lewis!!

    1. TRS Recipient: Although this situation is clearly NOT funny (see my ranting below), the cleverness of your comment made me laugh out loud. Thank you for your witty reply!

  6. It is just as I have said before, Fred–I am not in favor of disbanding the IEA, but I AM in favor of deposing/impeaching the leadership. I had suggested–before the summer–that the locals get together at some point DURING the summer to make a plan to do this.

    Like the CTU–which is, after all, an IFT/AFT affiliate (& the one for NYC hasn’t been so hot)–I KNOW IEA has some darn good, effective locals (your Park Ridge PREA 64 most likely being one of them, Naperville 203, IL Region 28–thanks for all the e-mail bulletins, 28!), and that there are, no doubt, MANY IEA members who would love to have what I have suggested a done deal. ENOUGH ALREADY! This is the FINAL insult from the leadership!

    The week of August 13th SHOULD have been the clincher, what w/ the IEA bulletin
    telling people to come out (but that NO transportation/buses, mileage or lunches would be provided)–AND we’d had NO Lobby Day this year, so HOW MUCH of our dues $$$ did the IEA save by NOT spending it on US, on the Lobby Day we SHOULD have–COULD have–had?! AND–did they spend what they saved on commercials/ads to help counteract all those “IL is Broke” ads from the CCoC?! Do most of you even know who Charlie McBarron is? (I only know because of Fred–guess what?! He is the PAID {from YOUR dues} IEA Communications Director! WHAT communications?!

    AND–to add insult to injury–reading the IEA bulletins/literature would have you think that the IEA had organized the rallies that week, & they unashamedly took credit for some of that. Were some of you misled to think that the booing-off-the-stage of Gov. Quinn at the IL State Fair was organized by the IEA? NOT SO! Did you think that the other rallies had been organized by the IEA? Again, not so–on the 17th, as Fred had reported, there were not very many IEA members (or teachers, for that matter) present. Did you see an IEA presence yesterday at the Labor Day Rally in downtown Chicago? No, you saw CTU, AFSCME, SEIU, NIJWJ, AFL-CIO and others…but NOT IEA.

    Not to mention, when the PREA & others from the northern suburbs went to Springfield in May (as organized by Fred) ALL they gave us WAS lunch! (And some mealy-mouthed garble from two staff people, NOT Cinda.) Wow! And I think there were–what–60 of us? Thanks for your generosity with OUR dues, Cinda, et. al.!!

    Finally, when we got there in May, with NO trouble whatever–NO street construction obstructions NOR “Major reconstruction in the Capitol Bldg.” (That was the reason why–why we were told– the IEA leaders had cancelled Lobby Day–Fred, rerun that picture of that “construction zone sign” from the ONE insignificant area!)–we found that our members had been LIED to–yes, LIED to by the leaders of OUR organization.(there is no euphemistic way of saying this) and I’ll say it again–LIED to!!!

    So, this fall, as you are once again together with your locals, I would strongly recommend that you do something, local presidents and leaders out there. Rally your troops. Recall
    these scoundrels before they give even more away. (Remember, the IEA supported/endorsed/saw SB 7 through to its passage, even to the point of strong-arming Karen Lewis.) Karen Lewis, who, it is written, was the ONLY AFT leader who refused to go up and shake Joe Biden’s hand at the AFT Convention. Karen Lewis, whose CTU members
    held signs at that same convention which denounced RttT.

    Come on, IEA members, there is NO reason in the world why you, too, cannot have a Karen Lewis, a Jessie Sharkey, a CORE within the IEA to make this all possible. You have no more time or money to waste. Do it BEFORE you have NOTHING to lose (because, rest assured, they will give away everything we have ever worked for).

    Yes, YOU can! You MUST…before it’s too late.

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