6 thoughts on “Audio of CTU Prez Karen Lewis at today’s huge Chicago Labor Day rally in support of a fair contract.

  1. WOW!!! Don’t look now Illinois Democrats. Your “Grass Roots” are angry. Perhaps we really will “Remember in November” Great job teachers and all the other concerned people. It is time they feel the solidarity.

    1. Thank you Linda. We the AFSCME employees support your efforts. I am sure that this will rectify itself in the near future. It is heartening to see you take on your Demon “His dishonor the mayor!” We the AFSCME union brothers and sister sent a similar message to Quinn. I recently told one of the suits at the state capitol. “Rest assured partner, I can do your job! You couldn’t come close to doing mine.” The boys in the grey flannel suits couldn’t carry the book bag of a good teacher. They forget who provided them with their education. I want to see less students in my class, and the only thing that prevents incarceration is education. YOU GO CHICAGO!!!!!!! PS Obama is the first President in a very long time to turn his back on his own state troubles. So don’t expect a visit. I think he forgot about us a long time ago.

  2. What a tour de force that Karen Lewis, unlike IEA’s Cinda Klickna where it’s more like the “tour de FARCE”! Where’s our “Karen Lewis’? Instead we get Jerry Lewis!!

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