“Look up! Look down! Chicago is a union town!”

I heard everything from ten thousand to eighteen thousand. I say twenty. Matt Farmer half jokingly said that the Tribune is reporting 326.

We filled Daley Plaza in a sea of red.

We surrounded Rahm’s City Hall and poured from the sidewalk on to the street.

We marched down Clark Street to the headquarters of the Chicago Public Schools.

“Hey, hey. Ho, ho. Rahm Emanuel has got to go!”

And a thanks to all the many blog readers who came up and introduced themselves to me and shared some very nice words. Putting faces to readers is important. It was so great to hear from those who told me they share articles and drawings with others. It means we’re building a network and a movement. That makes the work worthwhile.

We turned the Blue Line into the Red Line.

My retired friends from the western suburbs.

Jitu Brown addresses the huge Labor Day crowd.

Steve Senf came from the Park Ridge EA with Tom Nasshan and Mark Stefanik.

From Daley Plaza to the doors of City Hall.

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