A f—— conversation between Rahm and Axelrod.

“Hello, Rahm. This is David.”

“Hey, Axe. How the f— are you? Good speech last night, huh?”

“Yeh. Michelle was great. A home run.”

“I meant f—— me.”

“Oh. Right. You were good too. A little rough on the teleprompter reading. But good. Yes. Good.”

“So, Axe. What the f— is up?”

“Well, Rahm. I’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is we have a new job for you. We need you to raise money from those big bucks friends of yours. Pritzker. Crown. Those assholes.”

“And what the f— is the bad news?”

“We’re dropping you as Chair of the Re-election Campaign Committee.”

“F—! How come?”

“Jeez, Rahm! 20,000 teachers in the street. A strike in the middle of the campaign. Are you nuts?”

“F—— Arne gets to do it. How come I can’t?”

“Shut up, Rahm. Nobody is talking about Arne or schools right now. That’s the problem. We’re going to be able to keep it out the national news cycle for only so long. Anyway. That’s the story. You’re out. The cover is you’re raising money for Congressional campaigns.”

“Nobody’s gonna f—— buy that Axe. Damn. First you f— me by taking away the G8. Now f——- this.”

“Tough break, Rahm. Bye.”

“F— you!”

2 thoughts on “A f—— conversation between Rahm and Axelrod.

  1. YUP! G8 and now this? Rahmunism is getting pushed out to the fringes. Not a second too soon. Look for Brizard to be the scapegoat as we are all too stoopid to remember that Rahm lemon danced his sorry ass down here after he was ejected from Rochester. Perfectly just ROI for them both if Brizard gets canned.

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