The in box. Chris Ludkowski takes on Representative Elaine Nekritz

Lill Ludkowski is a teacher in my old district. A union stalwart. Chris Ludkowski is her son.

State Representative Elaine Nekritz is a chief sponsor of the pension cost shift that would move the state’s pension payment obligations to local school districts. She also backs benefit cuts to teacher retirees.

Whether or not the pension shift obligation ever takes place, the threat of it is being used by boards of education to resist salary increases in current contract talks throughout the state.

Hello Fred,

I’m writing so that your readers can be the first to know that my son, Chris Ludkowski, has decided to mount a write-in campaign for the office of State Representative of the 57th District.As many of your readers know, that office is currently held by Elaine Nekritz, sponsor of the bill to shift the cost of teacher pensions to local school districts. Ms. Nekritz is not a friend of teachers or public employees.

Let me tell you about Chris. He attended elementary and junior high school in East Maine School District 63, and he graduated from Maine East High School in 2004. He attended Illinois State University received his B.S. degree with a double major in History and Political Science. He went on to earn an M.B.A. from ISU in 2010.

Chris is currently employed as a solutions specialist with an industrial chemical company. He helps private companies and government entities reduce operating costs in his current position. My son doesn’t like career politicians, but he is tired of the ” B.S.” and believes that the citizens of District 57 require fresh leadership to represent their interests in Springfield.

What will he work to accomplish?

1. Taxes should be increased for the highest earners. He realizes that any tax increase is going to be unpopular. However, there is no reasonable alternative to fix the problems that current and past senators and representatives have created. The burden of balancing the Illinois budget should be placed on those who can most afford it.

2. Capital gains should be taxed as income, not investment income.

3. Regulations should be increased on speculative-style trading.

4. Taxes should be increased for large corporations to pay for public services and commitments. ( i.e. pensions, roads, schools, police, fire, etc.) Public workers should not have to accept pension cuts because of government irresponsibility.

5. Penalize corporations that send jobs out of the country.

6. Reward corporations that create jobs for people in the United States.

7. He is pro- single payer universal health care.

8. He would work to increase funding to community colleges.

9. Labor Unions should be expanded.

What are his personal qualifications?

* He has no DUIs, arrests, convictions, or indictments.

* He hasn’t lied about his service record. (He is not a veteran.)

* He has had no extra-marital affairs.

* He has knowledge of foreign policy and business experience.

I hope all of you will spread the word and support my son even if you don’t live in District 57.

Thank you!

Lill Ludkowski


5 thoughts on “The in box. Chris Ludkowski takes on Representative Elaine Nekritz

  1. The absurdity of this mans platform is only matched by his hubris in even attempting to challenge Rep. Elaine Nekritz! Does he have any idea how important the 57th is to Speaker Madigan?

    1. What hubris to challenge Boss Madigan in a district the Boss thinks is important? What does he think this is? A democracy?
      It may be considered hubris to think he could win. But what kind of politics do you believe in that you consider it hubris to run?

      1. Fred, what I’m trying to say is that this is going to hurt the party. Elaine is doing a great job and he will just hurt her campaign in the long run.

      2. Okay. So, it’s not hubris to think you can win against Madigan. Not hubris to run. It’s hubris to think Nekritz’s betrayal of retirees and active teachers is anything other than great. We need more hubris like that. Not less.

  2. Northbrook Dem: You are certainly entitled to your opinion, but–at least the last time I looked–this is still a free country, and those who are not convicted felons and are of age CAN, indeed, run for public office. AND–as someone who has considered myself a Democrat for as many years as I have been voting, I’d say that the party has hurt itself–over and over and over again. It has been nearly impossible, of late, to even distinguish Democrats from Republicans, both locally (Nekritz, for example, in her willingness to crush seniors and middle class people rather than to look toward the best solution for all–a graduated income tax, per se?) and nationally (where was Obama in Wisconsin, when he’d once promised to put on his shoes and march with us? For that matter, where is he in Chicago?) AND–to add insult to injury, the mayor-appointed Chicago school board (a Democrat, too, mind you), fills it up with people of the 1% persuasion!

    No, Northbrook Dem, I’m sorry, but that train has left the station.
    The Democratic Party has hurt–possibly mortally injured– itself.
    I, for one, would be interested in hearing more from Chris Ludkowski.

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