The in box. Port Jefferson Station teachers from Long Island will wear red on Monday in solidarity.


The Port Jefferson Station Teachers Association, a membership of approximately 300 teachers located on Long Island, will be wearing red on Monday in support of our brothers and sisters in Chicago:

Additionally we are making a donation to their solidarity fund.

5 Replies to “The in box. Port Jefferson Station teachers from Long Island will wear red on Monday in solidarity.”

  1. FRED….I Like this idea. A message to all my fellow corrections teachers. All concerned union employees everywhere should wear red that day. That should be the color of the day!!!!

  2. Hooray for the PJSTA Members! Wouldn’t it be great if ALL school districts nationwide did the same? Heck, what about our own cowardly IEA suggesting the same to the members it represents? Oh that’s right, we (IEA) wouldn’t want to do anything to upset the apple cart of our own demagoguery of dealmakers and politicians in good old Springpatch regarding our pension benefits now would we? It takes cojones to do that. Something that is foreign to IEA and its “leadership”!!

  3. FRED! By the way, in the upcoming election, I will help no Democrat. I will knock on no doors, hand out no literature, and do no foot soldier type work. They (the democratic leadership) have done nothing to show that they have any concern for the working men and women of Illinois. With the attack on Teachers, State Workers, Pensions, Health Care, etc., The Democrats have proved themselves to be a clone for the big business boys we have always attributed to the Republicans. NO CONCERN FROM THEM, NO WORK FROM US. I see little if any difference between parties. IF YOU AREN’T FOR US, YOU ARE AGAINST US. We have met they enemy, and they are us!!!

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