3 Replies to “Heroes.”

  1. Dear CTU Members,

    Congratulations on your victory! You stood united and strong while the rest of the country watched. You showed Rahm Emanuel and his cadre of bullies that the CTU is a force to be reckoned with in Chicago. They finally got the message that you had had enough of their disrespect, broken promises, and degrading conditions for teaching and learning. I commend you all. When educators in other districts across the country are bargaining with their school boards, they will have your example to follow. Savor the moment!

    On another note, it was reported on ABC 7 that police officers were covering classrooms at Lake Forest High School today. Say it isn’t so! Say they don’t belong to a union. Say anything other than union members crossed the picket lines of another union during a contract dispute! Shame on them if this is true.

  2. Bravo Chicago Teachers Union for:
    Standing tall,
    Standing united,
    Standing strong,
    For fighting for smaller class sizes,
    For fighting for art, music, Physical Education,
    For fighting for the dignity of teachers, parents, and children.
    You inspired us all.
    Go back to work knowing you are our heroes,
    With the deepest respect,
    Jesse The Walking Man Turner

  3. Congratulations CTU! I followed the news of the strike intently, knowing that what you were standing up for is exactly what I want for my students here in NY State.
    You are role models for the rest of us – to get our unions active and going forward for our students!
    You have my unending respect and thanks!

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