Life in Rahm’s Chicago. Corporate funders spent a million bucks just yesterday in spinning the strike as a Rahm win.

Ed Reform Now, a group with overlapping funders with Democrats for Education Reform (DFER) bought a million dollar ad buy on Chicago television YESTERDAY.

A million dollars in one day.

Here’s what they bought.


Remember, this is the day after the Chicago Teachers Union’s House of Delegates voted 98% to suspend the strike. This ad buy was just about spin.

Who is Ed Reform Now?

They are an umbrella anti-union corporate reform outfit.

The have the usual suspects as funders and players.

Rahm’s best friends spent a million dollars on spin yesterday.

Imagine how many books that could have bought.

My colleagues in Park Ridge just voted to accept the collective bargaining agreement that contained a 2% a year raise for four years. That ad buy yesterday would have paid for the entire four years.

Oops. Math error. It would have paid for two full years.

13 thoughts on “Life in Rahm’s Chicago. Corporate funders spent a million bucks just yesterday in spinning the strike as a Rahm win.

  1. I don’t have speakers on my work computer, but sometimes watching a video without sound is instructive. What leapt out at me in this video was the perfectly racially balanced class groups and all the children were well fed, cared for and happy. How very well staged.

  2. Just as I predicted, they continue to run ads…AGAIN, TWICE on ABC 7–during or right after the 10:00 PM news, then again after the first segment of “Nightline.”

  3. Arguably the most rabid anti labor/anti union double talker since Reagan. Maybe he should be referred to as Rahm Reagan…..he certainly hoodwinked the Chicago voters… could this two faced sidewinder have become mayor….brings to mind Lincolns maxim… can fool some of the people……

  4. Too bad that money didn’t go to a feeding program, a library, a senior center, paint for a school, resurfacing a ball court; the list is endless. They just pissed it away and it was probably our money to begin with. (e.g., tax credits or write offs that benefited the funders or donors)

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