The in box. Chest beating? I’m a regular Tarzan.


Highest salaries, shortest school days, and shortest school year + ridiculously embarrassing graduation rates makes for some awfully entitled chest beating.

– Kevin


Chest beating? You bet.

When it comes to public schools and public school teachers, I’m a regular Tarzan. Ahooooo!

Highest salaries? Shortest school days? Shortest school year?

Evidence please.

As for graduation rates. Not embarrassing. Disgraceful. What do you think the graduation rates would be at the private school Rahm sends his kids to if 86% of their students were so poor they qualified for free lunch and they had the same per student expenditure as CPS, supplies, books and class size?


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3 thoughts on “The in box. Chest beating? I’m a regular Tarzan.

  1. Unlike Rahm it appears that you don’t write off 25% (Kevin) as a waste of time and try to keep them engaged in hopes of educating them—even when your retired! Good for you!

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