Banned in Park Ridge.

Was it something I said?

Earlier today I did a post that mentioned the contract settlement in Park Ridge. That is the district I just retired from and was, for a ten-year period of time, the union president.

I noted that it was a contract that was bargained well by the Park Ridge Education Association negotiating team. I pointed out that it contained a modest cost of living adjustment and some gains for teacher voice in curriculum creation.

But I also mentioned the District’s huge 40% budget surplus. What do local taxpayers think when their homes are taxed at the maximum the law allows and the money sits in the district’s bank account instead of going into classrooms?

Anyway, this afternoon I was banned.

The district’s internet filter filtered this blog.

An accidental glitch? Just a coincidence? Or am I banned in Park Ridge?

We will see soon enough.

10 Replies to “Banned in Park Ridge.”

  1. Being from Park Ridge, I will also be very interested. I’m not opposed to the district saving for a rainy day or, if so inclined, contributing more to their teachers’ endangered pension funds. However, 40 percent may be excessive. Are you in 64 or 207?

  2. I don’t think a 40% reserve is considered excessive, especially with the state’s record on meeting their obligations on time. I can even see why the district might want their employees doing something else with their time than reading your vastly (no sarcasm) entertaining blog. In the grand scheme of things, though, it does seem rather petty. I guess you are a bit of a thorn in their side.

    1. Hey Granny,
      Not considered excessive by who? When they’re negotiating with the teachers (whose salaries are 80% of the school budget) and they’re offering little in raises, I consider 40% excessive. What employees look at when they’re not teaching or planning is really no concern. Silly, really. Most teachers and students can go around the school server to get to Facebook or blocked material anyway. And, from my experience, they don’t filter anything at the district administrative offices.

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