The in box. Second cup of coffee. Glen Brown on Constitutional Amendment 49.


House Joint Resolution Constitutional Amendment 49 Will Diminish Public Pensions

…Public employees know they are victims of a tyranny by the few who lack accountability for destroying a representative democracy and a just economy in Illinois; public employees know they are victims of the corporate “We Mean Business” PAC and vast resources of money and influence committed to reforming the rules and policies that have and will continue to adversely affect the lives of middle-class citizens and the disenfranchised; moreover, most public employees know about the schemes to reallocate the state’s future liabilities to teachers and school districts and universities by way of procuring policymakers and about the attempt to circumvent Article XIII, Section 5 of the Illinois Constitution through House Joint Resolution Constitutional Amendment 49.

There is a simple synergetic balance to understand here. If the state’s policymakers impair the Pension Clause of its public employees, they will not only destroy the public employees’ financial security and their integrity, but they will also damage the communities that these people support, serve and protect.

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– Glen

6 Replies to “The in box. Second cup of coffee. Glen Brown on Constitutional Amendment 49.”

  1. FRED! We have had this conversation before. Isn’t interesting that at a time when we public employees are suffering the worst attack in anyones memory, the Policy Makers in charge are “Our friends the Democrats”. I shudder to think what our enemies would try to do. I will vote for no incumbent!!! It is way past time for massive change in Springfield. By the way, loved your coverage through the entire strike!

  2. Nick…The use of the term enemy, allows for a multitude of players. When I read the comments of many on here and other blogs, they seem to say, stay with the Democrats. it will get better. This is total nonsense; they have been the cause of our problems, and they have no solutions to offer. They have had control of Springfield for 10 plus years.The Democrats blame the Republicans, the Republicans blame the Democrats. Obama blames Bush, Quinn blames Labor etc etc etc, This is a remarkable phenomenon. Do nothing; blame everyone else. We are the enemy, we buy this tripe, and put the same clowns back in, and then show surprise that they didn’t tell the truth. Throw them all out and lets start over. No incubent votes.

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