The Sunday Mail.

Photo: Chicago Teachers Solidarity Campaign.

John Dillon’s Pension Vacabulary Part 2 of Structural Revenue Problem. The State of Illinois is only one of seven states left in the entire nation operating under a flat tax.

Diane Ravitch asks, “Do Democrats support vouchers?” 

How a political poem was bullied out of me. Molly Meachem.

Happy birthday Miles, Ray and Bruce.

Rahm is a conduit between Netanyahu and Obama? That should set the peace process back about 100 years.

DC teacher contract talks underway. Now that MichelleRhee is gone, let’s start fresh. Shall we?

Mayor Emanuel has his own public relations conundrum at this point, and it’s not just a matter of rhetoric: he (and the business leaders and newspapers) are claiming that in order to pay for the new contract, they’re going to have to close down schools.

In the meantime they’re planning to open up 60 new charter schools. In fact, this year’s budget has an additional $76 million for charters, which cost the district well over $500 million a year.

“We’re kind of confused about that,” said Wendy Katten of the Raise Your Hand Coalition. “If they’re claiming they have 130,000 unfilled seats in the district, why are they opening 60 new schools? That’s crazy. That’s just absurd.”

How to make the case? Always ready to help, the Tribune offers this line of argument:: charter schools are the best tool for busting the teachers union. Bruce Rauner, private equity mogul and major charter sponsor, chimes in that the goal is “separating teachers from the union.” Curtis Black

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