There goes that ad again. Every time I see it I find new things.

They’re still running that Rahm ad on Chicago TV a week after the teacher’s strike was settled.

I wouldn’t even bring it up again. I thought that I have tweeted and posted enough on how stupid it is, how I can’t imagine any Chicagoan who owns a remote not simply muting it or scrolling past it on their DVR.

As for teachers and other city employees, the sight of that fool pisses them off.

Good luck with the police and fire contracts, Rahm.

But Barb Moreno makes a good point.

What exactly does the ad show? You know. The visuals.

Soft focus on Rahm.  Then a shot of one teacher with six kids in a library using iPads.

What school is that?

Did you catch the little kids in the art room painting on an easel?


106 Chicago schools don’t have libraries.

Six kids to one teacher?

Smaller class sizes was one of the issues Rahm fought against.

Art rooms and art teachers?

Okay. Let’s go there.

The first day of the ad buy cost Rahm’s hedge fund buddies in Ed Reform Now a million bucks. How much has been spent since hasn’t been reported where I can find it.

Let’s take just the first day of the ad buy.

A million bucks.

I was an art teacher for nearly 30 years.

A million dollars might be my career earnings if I started teaching now and salaries increased at the rate of a good union wage. A union wage Rahm opposes with his plan for a 100 non-union charter schools.

My yearly art supply budget in a suburban school district with a comparatively well-funded art and music program was about $2000 for 400 kids. Last Wednesday’s ad buy could have supplied nearly every Chicago school with art supplies for a year.

Keep running that ad Rahm.

The more you run it the more folks will start to deconstruct it. They will see new things. They will understand you better.

4 Replies to “There goes that ad again. Every time I see it I find new things.”

  1. My kids attended a top-rated CPS elementary school, which is well funded. The part-time art teacher got $700 a year for 235 students. Her “studio” was the lunch room.

  2. I laughed hilariously when I first saw the ad. An iPad to teach 9+2? Come on, how many CPS schools have iPads????? And how many CPS schools have toilet paper on a regular basis? The school I taught at didn’t. I brought my own and guarded it like it was gold.

  3. This ad is sooooo infuriating because that’s pretty much EXACTLY what I think every time I see it: so much money wasted over people’s egos that could be spent on schools. That’s what all political ads are anyway: ego boosters. The summer movie The Campaign, though silly, really spoofs the whole idea of political ads getting too extreme. That’s where Rahm’s ad belongs: in a Will Ferrel movie. Though that’d probably make me throw up my popcorn…

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