IFT Prez Montgomery calls for Ingram’s resignation. IEA remains silent.

Dan Montgomery, President of the Illinois Federation of Teachers, has called for TRS Director Richard Ingram to resign.

“When the fox is guarding the hen house, it is the fox that must go,” said Montgomery in a statement posted today on the IFT website.

Illinois Education Association President Cinda Klickna, who also sits on the TRS board of Trustees, has remained silent on the issue of Ingram’s future.

Ingram has cancelled all public speaking engagements scheduled prior to the October 24th board of trustees meeting.

Here is Montgomery’s complete statement:

Since 1939, the Illinois Teachers Retirement System (TRS) has done a tremendous public service in stewarding and safeguarding the lifesavings of the state’s teachers. The state benefits from a system where teachers–who do not collect Social Security–can avoid poverty in retirement. But, once again, the current executive director of TRS, Dick Ingram, has announced his personal views about diminishing key benefits for existing workers and retirees.

In an interview with Crain’s Chicago Business last week, Ingram focused his remarks, as he did in April, 2012, on reducing cost of living adjustments (COLAs). It is inappropriate for Mr. Ingram, who is responsible for safeguarding the retirement benefits of 360,000 teachers, to promote his personal views by advocating for the destruction of TRS members’ retirement security. Such actionscontradict his fiduciary duty and are in violation of a resolution passedby the TRS Board of Trustees. Mr. Ingram’s insubordinate and irresponsible actions can only result in one honorable outcome—his resignation.

Mr. Ingram fails to mention in his many interviews that teachers in the system have already paid for the cost of living benefits he wants to cut—their payments are built into the contribution calculations they are required to make in every paycheck. In addition, it seems not to matter to Mr. Ingram that the Illinois Constitution expressly forbids the benefit cuts he finds so attractive. Mr. Ingram says the Constitution is “unfortunate.” We say it is just and fair.

Mr. Ingram may think that he can mislead the members of the TRS Board of Trustees into believing that his remarks do not violate theirfiduciary responsibility or their own resolutions regarding TRS advocacy. We have more faith in the board members than that.

Mr. Ingram would like the public and other unions to believe his comments are merely an intellectual exercise and are not meant to promote his own preferred solutions to the pension crisis. To this we say, “We will not be fooled.” The Teachers Retirement System must work for its members, not the politicians, corporate executives, or newspapers its leaders may be bullied by.

When the fox is guarding the hen house, it is the fox that must go. Mr. Ingram has lost the trust of those he is employed to protect. He should resign from his position as TRS executive director.


6 Replies to “IFT Prez Montgomery calls for Ingram’s resignation. IEA remains silent.”

  1. Finally someone states the obvious—-it’s not that hard. What a sorry state we are in that some find it necessary to state the obvious and others are clueless.

  2. Ingram was scheduled to be at a pension forum this Saturday morning with Senator Christine Radogno and Rep. Bill Cunningham. Word is now that all of his schedule has been cancelled pending the next TRS board meeting, Maybe they are getting ready to dump him?

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