The in box. IEA Communication’s Denise Ward clarifies In The News.

Mr. Klonsky,

It’s my understanding that in a post on your blog yesterday you mentioned In the News, and the omission of IFT President Dan Montgomery’s statement regarding Richard Ingram.  I’d like to offer a brief clarification for your reference.

As the administrative assistant in Communications, it is my responsibility to compile news items daily, organize them, then distribute the articles via e-mail.  Per your request, I do e-mail those to you. The stories are then formatted and posted on the IEA web site.

I begin the process for In the News the day before it is sent, and complete the email each morning with news that occurred overnight.  As I only do ITN once a day, news that breaks during the day appears in the next day’s edition.  You will note that today’s In the News included both a story on Montgomery’s statement, and the IEA response.  Both of these occurred after I had compiled and emailed yesterday’s ITN.

Thank you for your attention to In the News, and please feel free to contact me in the future if you have any questions or concerns.

Denise Ward

IEA Communications

Note: There is a mention of the IFT President’s call for Richard Ingram’s resignation in today’s In The News. I appreciate Ms Ward’s clarification.

2 thoughts on “The in box. IEA Communication’s Denise Ward clarifies In The News.

  1. And on what day will Cinda Klickna’s statement regarding Ingram’s opinions and misstatements be posted on IEA’s website under “In The News”? Denise Ward coincidently didn’t mention that.

  2. To be fair, Klickna did release a statement expressing her opposition to the proposals for cutting COLA that Imgram made in the Crain’s interview. What she did not do was call for his resignation as Dan Montgomery of the IFT and many IEA members have done. I belief this is a result of her wearing two hats: TRS trustee and IEA President.

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