Anthony Borrelli, the Park Ridge Watchdog, voted no to $86 a paycheck.

I know that some of you might feel that this is all extremely local news. But I think it’s worth talking about.

It’s about Park Ridge school board member Anthony Borrelli and a little group of self-described Park Ridge tax watchdogs.

I’m not linking to them, but you can Google if you want to.

The Park Rich watchdogs are all excited because Anthony Borrelli, a wealthy local foot doctor, got elected to the school board last time and he’s all about not spending money on schools. He’s so not about spending money on schools that he and another usually invisible school board member named Eric Uhlig voted no to the recently bargained contract between the board and the Park Ridge Education Association. It was approved anyway.

The watchdogs, Borrelli and Uhlig think teachers are greedy, of course. And the contract demonstrates just how greedy the Park Ridge teachers are. The contract guarantees a cost of living adjustment of a whopping 2% a year over four years. That, combined with an average step increase of 1.6% provides an average salary boost of $86 a paycheck.

$86 a paycheck. It positively defines greed.

I taught at Carpenter School in Park Ridge. The thing about Borrelli and Uhlig is that they wouldn’t recognize a Carpenter teacher if they were standing face to face. If Anthony Borrelli ever walked into Carpenter School, a teacher seeing him in the hallway would ask him what he was doing there and send him to the office for a pass.

Uhlig’s been on the board for a while and I frankly never have heard him say anything about anything.

But the Park Ridge Watchdogs think they have a tax rebellion on their hands.

The truth of the matter is that they had nobody to speak at the board meeting that approved the contract.

And Borrelli was elected because of a record-setting low voter turn-out. Not a tax rebellion.

Of the four school board members who were elected last time, Borrelli received the fewest number of votes to qualify: 1,155.

The board members that the Watchdogs attack as rolling over for the union: John Heyde got 1,300 votes and Pat Fioretto when he ran in the previous election received 4,741 votes.

By the way, Board President John Heyde and Pat Fioretto, who the watchdogs claimed rolled over for the union? The bargaining started last Spring and lasted until September. That’s a mighty slow roll.

The tax watchdogs have nothing. When they’re paying attention, Park Ridge voters support their schools.

But when they’re not, phony tax watchdogs get elected.

They need to pay attention next time.

3 Replies to “Anthony Borrelli, the Park Ridge Watchdog, voted no to $86 a paycheck.”

  1. Fred didn’t say teachers get paid every other week in Park Ridge. That’s an increase of $43 a week. I actually bring home less than I did last year because of the increase in the cost of insurance premiums and in withholding taxes. Some raise! Even if I did realize the entire sum of the increase, I couldn’t fill my gas tank once a week with it.

    1. You are correct. My mistake in not pointing out that the $86 a paycheck is for 26 paychecks a year. To be clear, that’s an average of $1.22 an hour. Greedy son of a bitch! Wonder what Dr. Borrelli, the foot doctor, charges per hour.

  2. Fred, I think you may be underestimating the level of frustration many parents of school age children feel right now. I’ve pulled my child out out District 64, placed him in MSW with excellent results. But why pay $28k in annual property taxes for schools we don’t use because – frankly – they suck? It will be other people’s problem soon. We’re out of here.
    Scott Casler

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