Thanksgiving break.

Our Honda trunk is full of books and school supplies.

You won’t find the usual postings this weekend.

We’re headed for Brooklyn to spend the holidays with our kids and grand kids. So we are on the road.

We left Chicago yesterday morning. Spent last night in Cleveland. We will be in Brooklyn tonight.

Our trunk is filled with seven boxes of books and school supplies for a school in Coney Island that was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy. At the present the school is uninhabitable and the kids and teachers have been moved to other schools. The teachers tell me that they were able to bring nothing with them.

The supplies were all donated by my old teaching buddies at Carpenter School in Park Ridge, Illinois. After the Thanksgiving break they plan to organize a fund raising campaign involving kids and families. The Carpenter community has always been extremely generous.

We stuffed the remaining spaces of the trunk with hats, gloves, scarves and coats that we emptied from our closets. We know some folks in Red Hook or Staten Island can use them this winter.

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