New poll shows no public consensus yet on pension issue. Except for who is to blame.

It should be surprising that with nearly universal corporate and media focus on cutting pension benefits as the solution to Illinois’s broken promises to its public employees, there is no public consensus that punishing employees is the way to go.

But I’m not surprised.

On Friday, Crain’s published an Ipsos poll that displays the confusion that abounds.

On the one hand, the public supports the pension obligation cost shift.

On the other hand, they oppose raising taxes to pay for public pensions, which the cost shift would surely do.

The poll also reports that the public opposes cutting pension benefits.

But those questioned were united on one thing. Asked who is to blame for Illinois’ pension problems — Democrats, Republicans, the Legislature or the governor — 56 percent chose another option: “All of the above.”

5 Replies to “New poll shows no public consensus yet on pension issue. Except for who is to blame.”

  1. What happened to the study done last summer to see town by town cost of pensions..I recall lake forest would pay 2 million per year…and less afluent towns pay about 25% of that price….also notice Quinn is announcing some new pricey project today.

  2. Fred, I love your blog but I believe it’s “public” not “pubic” . . . or maybe not.

    The poll also reports that the pubic opposes cutting pension benefits.

  3. People are still surprised to find out that we don’t get social security. Just reminding them that those pensions represent our retirement is a conversation stopper, especially when they hear that those lazy, overpaid whiners have been paying in 9.4% of their salary rain or shine. Just once, I would like to hear a politician admit that the state’s failure to meet their obligations created the current problem. Maybe one of those retiring lawmakers…no, they are probably depending on lucrative consulting jobs (“Hire a Crony”) with the state after their “retirement.”

    1. In addition, keep telling everyone you know and their relatives, friends and neighbors that retired teachers have to PAY for our health insurance–the majority of people out there think that we receive free health insurance for life, and so many people are surprised (& are more sympathetic toward us) when I tell them it’s not so.

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