PS 90. Coney Island.

Dear Sue,

I just got back from delivering the 7 boxes of school supplies that the teachers at Carpenter School donated to PS 90, Edna Cohen School, in Coney Island.

Everyone was very appreciative. Please extend thanks to all the Carpenter Staff.

Here’s a first: The principal, Greta Hawkins, gave me a big kiss on the cheek. As you might guess, I have never been kissed by a principal before. Not in thirty years!

You look like you’re handling this okay,” I said.

“I save my crying until I get home at night,” Principal Hawkins said.

After spending the last week in another school doubled up in classrooms, the kids and staff got back into the school yesterday. But all the school’s supplies and records were in the basement. The school is only a block from the ocean. The basement was totally flooded and all their school supplies were ruined.

While we were there someone was delivering brand new school uniforms that had been donated.

They don’t really need any more clothing. Although we did watch as a teacher went through some of the previously donated clothing  with one little boy, picking out a coat and some pants and shirts.

Most of the houses in the area look okay from the outside, but the yards are filled with ruined furniture and other belongings. Many are uninhabitable.

You know how as a teacher you get a feeling about a place just by walking around? That is the feeling I got from Edna Cohen PS 90. These are good folks doing good things for their students. They do not have enough donated school supplies yet to get them through the year. I doubt much will be coming from the Department of Education.

There are schools all over New York like this. But this one can use your help.

– Fred

Teacher Chiara Nakashian and Principal Greta Hawkins of PS 90.

“Look sad,” I told the kids.

The collection station.

2 thoughts on “PS 90. Coney Island.

  1. They probably ought to pray that the DOE doesn’t pay any attention to them, including their test scores.

    I would have loved to see that kiss.

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