The in box. The most angry union meeting I have ever seen.

Hello Fred!

Been real busy with Union stuff.

I think the Governor just stepped in the pile that was left by the neighbors dog. Tuesday evening I attended what can only be described as “The most angry Union meeting I have ever seen” The Correctional employees including security and non-security workers are tired, fed up, angry, and ready for out right war. If PQ does not immediately get his act together the workers across the State of Illinois will shut down the whole shooting match. I understand all the Union meetings had the same type of angry displays.

I think it is time for the Governor to understand that playing with a pit bull will get him bit! We have hopes that all other public employees unions will support our efforts. We are fighting to protect our health care, retirements, and our promised way of life. Promises do matter!!! We will hold their feet to the fire if needed. No one wants a Strike, but people can only stand so long in the muck and mire the Governor has created.

PS Happy Holidays To All!!!

5 Replies to “The in box. The most angry union meeting I have ever seen.”

  1. Dear “Busy w/Union Stuff,”
    Good for you all! I think our legislators are thinking that if they make proposals around holidays, we will be so busy shopping and stuffing our faces that we don’t pay attention.
    Judging from the e-mails that I, alone, have been receiving this Thanksgiving day and night–just not true! Ha, ha, Gov. Quinn,–you have grossly underestimated us yet again. And–as long as you use holiday time to take jobs away from thousands of people, guess what you’re doing to the Illinois economy?
    Keep fighting the good fight–the ONLY fight–because WE are the ones who ARE Illinois.
    Yes, WE can!
    Thank you,
    RbMtKs/aka in Unions There is Strength Believer

  2. It’s time for a revolution, folks. Public workers are not the enemy. We teach your children, rescue you from burning buildings, enter your burgled homes with guns drawn, not knowing who or what awaits us, clear the snow off your streets, collect your trash, provide medical care for the indigent, remove children from abusive homes, and on and on and on. The State of Illinois has to institute a progressive income tax to collect the money the legislature did not pay into the pension system. We have to band together and get on this. How about a march on Quinn’s home in late December?

  3. Hello again! I hope everyone’s holiday was special for you and yours. As a teacher in a prison here in Illinois I fully understand the financial problems of the State of Illinois. My students eat garbage, wear rags, and are treated as less then human. These are not problems created by the workers. The decisions for treatment of prisoners and their living conditions are made by talking heads with little correctional experience. The leadership of corrections are political hacks being paid outrageous salaries for knowing and doing nothing. The problem is that we the workers are the ones in the line of fire when things turn bad. The fact that the Governor shows no respect for the workers, or the conditions we work in, shows he has no clue as to the problems he is creating. As for my own situation, I have 4 degrees including a Masters in Education, and find the treatment and lack of regards for my well being and safety, to be demeaning. To paraphrase a famous quote; ” I know not course others may take, but as for me give me Liberty or give me …… (Sorry can’t bring myself to write that last word!)” See you on the Picket line. Honk to say hello!!!! Happy Holiday!!!

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