Pennsylvania’s charter cheaters.

They tried to bury the news of Pennsylvania’s charter school cheaters by releasing it right before the Thanksgiving holiday.

But they got busted anyway.


The back story is this: The Duncan Department of Education requires schools to meet certain benchmarks to qualify as making Annual Yearly Progress (AYP).

They require districts to meet a more lenient benchmark.

So the Pennsylvania Education Secretary Ronald Tomalis treated charter schools as districts, not schools. But didn’t ask or tell the DOE that he had done it.

Then the charter school hucksters went around claiming that charter schools were superior based on having made AYP.

Shameless hucksters.

Say what you will about the AYP business that is a part of No Child Left Behind.

Most public schools in Illinois don’t even make AYP because it is a stupid standard.

But as for the charters school hucksters that lie and cheat and try to sneak around the law that traditional public schools are held accountable to?

What a model they set for the children they claim to teach.

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