The in box. Fool me once.


Fool me once, fool me twice…I think we’ve learned a lesson that we can’t depend on the IEA to organize us out of a paper bag!

When I went to Springfield in May with you and the PREA, Lobby Day had been cancelled “due to construction in the Capitol Bldg.” We didn’t see ANY major construction going on–in fact, there was but ONE sign posted in an obscure place, (which I had found, pointed out to Fred, he took a picture and posted it on his blog a few days later) referring to an out-of-the-way wing which was having work done. It was not interfering with big state science fair, house or senate hearings, etc.).

So–to put this kindly–the IEA leadership cancelled Lobby Day for no good reason. (The question is, why? Whose pocket are they in? To whom are they beholden?)

Personally, Glen, I think Cinda is rattled at the very IDEA that we could organize 693,000. Then, again, when you/we do pull this off, the IEA leadership will take credit for it, just like they try to for everything else done: Fred’s successful “Pension Call Tuesday,” the IL State Fair chasing-of-the-stage-of-Gov. Quinn, etc., ad nauseum).

Anyway, I’m writing to say let’s go forward and DO it. Let me know, specifically, what I can do as soon as you begin to assign responsibilities.


One Reply to “The in box. Fool me once.”

  1. Great…..and I. Don’t believe the pension cost numbers….are they double counting cost of healthcare as many retirees do get Medicare as we needed two jobs to make ends meet.

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