We Are One sets the dates for Springfield action. More (hopefully) to come.

With time growing short and rank-and-file pressure mounting, the leadership of the state’s public employee unions have set the week of January 3rd for action in Springfield.

This coincides with the lame duck session of the General Assembly. Legislators who will not be returning to the next General Assembly will be voting on a range of issues. Maybe our pensions.

Since they are not returning, many consider themselves less accountable to their political bosses. Are they feeling accountable to their consciences? To the promises that were made to the state’s public service workers? That remains to be seen.

As of this posting, the We Are One coalition of public employee unions has not spelled out what action is planned.

If the past is any indication of the future, it will focus on lobbying state political leaders and members of the General Assembly.

Will that be enough?

3 Replies to “We Are One sets the dates for Springfield action. More (hopefully) to come.”

    1. Me too. And for retired IEA members who are in no region, no chapter, unit or other organizational form, other than the website, we get no information. I am a member, assigned to a non-existent Skokie retired chapter in no region. If the January 3rd mobilizations are organized through regions, how am I and (I now know) lots of other retired members supposed to take part?

  1. Let me know when, where, and what time there are going to be marches or protests…………………………………..

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