Tom Friedman is a friggin’ idiot.

It only took a few seconds after I posted “Tom Friedman is a friggin’ idiot” on my Facebook page in response to today’s NY Times column than my MacBook started pinging like crazy.

Likes and comments poured like Morton salt.

I once had an administrator offer me Friedman’s The World is Flat to read. I returned the favor by giving him Diane Ravitch’s The Death and Life of the Great American School. 

I actually read the Friedman book. I don’t think he broke the spine of Ravitch’s. Too bad for me. Too bad for him.

Friedman, as The Gawker points out, writes basically the same stupid column over and over.

But the particulars of each column are what amazes and then numbs the mind.

Today he suggests that Secretary of Education Arne Duncan would be a good choice for Secretary of State.


Well if you can negotiate with the crazy Chicago Teachers Union you can negotiate with anybody, says Friedman. Leave alone for the moment that Duncan was not here to bargain with the current CTU leadership. The crazy ones, in Friedman’s view.

And those Arabs?

He could teach them a few things about the value of math testing over their inadequate Islamic beliefs.

Foreign aid?

Turn it into a Race to the Top.

“So while we’re not likely to shift our secretary of education to secretary of state, let’s at least understand why it is not such a preposterous idea,” writes Friedman.

Jeez. The guy is the embodiment of a preposterous idea.

3 Replies to “Tom Friedman is a friggin’ idiot.”

  1. I like Friedman from time to time so if I hadn’t seen this article I’d think his was a piece from the Onion. Arne Duncan for SOS? Holy crap, that’s a quick way to seal a deal for Rice. This is comedic.

  2. From everything I read (and not just from teachers) that strike was very well regarded, so the ridiculousness of Arne as SOS notwithstanding Friedman is seriously out of the loop in his thinking.

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