3 Replies to “Ten minute drawing. Person of the year.”

  1. A far better choice than the one that was actually made.

    As far as Karen Lewis’s future (which, of course, is entirely up to her), I see her moving up/laterally to a different union position. Maybe she could take over for Randi Weingarten – heaven knows New York could use her. Or maybe the NEA. As much as she’s had to deal with politics and as good as she is at it, I really don’t think it’s her thing. Too ugly. Her strength is rallying people, giving them hope, and helping them remember that this is a democracy. Not so much in playing hardball in general electoral politics. Although, if she could rally New York and/or some other unions like she rallied Chicago, I could see her being drafted a la James Garfield to serve in an elected capacity.

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