Send me your art room.

I saw a picture of Miriam’s art room on Facebook this morning.

I love looking at people’s art rooms.

To think that there are schools that don’t have one.

I decided to start a project. Maybe it will work. Maybe not.

But if you are an art teacher, send me a picture of your art room. Messy like mine was. Well organized like Miriam’s. No matter.

Send it here. Or to

Attach your name or send it anonymously.

I’ll post them.

Here are two:


Washington, D.C.


Darwin School. Logan Square. Chicago.

One Reply to “Send me your art room.”

  1. Thanks for the pictures! I graduated as an Art Ed. major, but went into SpEd. (I got into it by volunteering at a school–helping w/art projects.) However, I will always love art rooms–AND Art Teachers (some of my best friends!)!

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