Ads on WordPress. A question for my readers.

WordPress is the platform I blog on. It is free and I have had no trouble with it.

They now offer me three choices.

  1. I can pay $30 a month a year for the right to have no ads placed on my site.
  2. I can do nothing and an advertisement might appear at the bottom of a post for which I will receive no money in exchange.
  3. I can sign up for ads, have more advertisements appear and receive a small amount in return based on the number of visits to my site, not clicks on the ad. It is very small amount and doesn’t seem worth the trouble.

So far I have chosen to do nothing.

The ads don’t seem to show up very often and nobody has complained.

Please let me know what you think.

24 Replies to “Ads on WordPress. A question for my readers.”

  1. The ads don’t bother me . . . I’ve gotten used to ignoring them. So, whatever you decide to do is fine. $30 a month seems a little steep.


  2. I think you should sign up for #3, take the cash, and see if you can use it to become one of the big players in the ed reform movement. 🙂

  3. Free is good. $360 a year cost for you is bad.
    TV, radio, newspaper, magazine and internet ads have been ignored for years; we now have the wonderful opportunity to ignore your ads.
    Save your money to buy Tony a drink.

  4. I had no idea WordPress was posting ads on my site until my husband asked me about it. I wrote something sweet about my hubby on my blog and underneath the post was an ad for troubled marriages. Yikes! Personally, I paid to have the ads gone. However, if you are ok with the ads, then I would at least make a little money off of them and sign up for them. I do not think it is fair that WordPress gets to make money from you blog without sharing a small portion of it.

  5. Fred,,…This blog is my therapy! I don’t read ads….you should be getting paid for this!!!

    I just joined AARP….Did I just change subjects?

  6. I mostly read the blog posts in my email. So I wonder if the ads would even show up there? Anyway, I would take the dough. You have a big audience so you might as well reap the benefits. Sign up.

  7. Hey Fred. I’ve been a WordPress advocate for quite sometime having my company site ran on a self hosted server powered by WordPress and run a personal blog like yourself through

    In the past year I’ve found WordPress to use their popularity as a way to force users to pay for standard functions. Ads I can understand (except for the price to remove them) but, paying for stuff like video uploads and custom CSS (which should be standard. Sure you get a free theme but everyone is unique.)

    My suggestion if you’re looking to expand is to pay 5 bucks a months for godaddy hosting and email me I’d be more than happy to help you get. Self hosted site up.

    Good look in your future endeavours, I hope to hear from you in whatever decision you make.

    Jesse Fogarty

  8. Hello Fred, I use Chrome as my browser, and I’ve added AdBlock as an extension. I don’t receive ads on any site I go to. Stay free.

  9. Interesting that WordPress has made you such an offer. You must get lots of traffic. I’ve never received such a notice. Nor do I hear anything about ads popping up. But, my blog has very little traffic.

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