Saturday coffee.


We no longer go out for coffee on Saturdays.


Retirement has brought change to our world in unexpected ways. We can go to Peets on other less crowded days. Thursdays are good. Fridays seem worse than Saturdays.

The other day we were having a conversation about the changing nature of work. It has been an eye opener for me to realize that while I went to work during the day there were so many people who were sitting in coffee shops working on their computers.

Or at the gym at 2 in the afternoon.

Now that I have started my daily exercise routine I often find it is hard to even get on a treadmill. The place is mobbed.

And unlike at New View coffee, these people aren’t working. Their buds are in their ears or plugged into the TV on the elliptical machine and they are totally into the workout.

While walking at a 4% incline and pushing my heart rate up, I’ve discovered Everybody Loves Raymond.

Speaking of the changing nature of work. I came home from the gym yesterday and saw one of our ever-changing members of the twenty-somethings that lives in the three-flat across the street. Some guy is always moving in or moving out. There are anywhere from four to six bikes changed to the fence. Weeks of uncollected plastic wrapped throw-aways are piled on the front stoop and the lawn is covered with cigarette butts.

The new guy was sitting in a broken-down wicker chair on the porch in his flannel pajamas, slippers, coat, wool cap, smoking a cigarette. At 3PM.

Yes. The changing nature of work in Logan Square.

Now that the jerks who legislate in Illinois have cancelled most of the lame duck session there is concern from some about the turnout for Thursday and Friday’s rallies to stop the attacks on state employee pensions.

Others wonder why go if the House members aren’t even going to be there?

This is not an issue for me. I wasn’t planning on having tea with my legislator.

I was planning on going with my colleagues to demonstrate my extreme displeasure.

I don’t really care if they are there or not. They will know we are there.

So far, the We Are One coalition of public employee unions are going ahead with their plans.

See you in Springfield.

3 Replies to “Saturday coffee.”

  1. I REALLY hope that Madigan’s ploy falls flat and everyone goes down to Springfield. The August rally was tragic for the little participation from IEA. “Nothing’s going to get done this session” is not a reason to skip this. Many of us are still on break (as we were in August) and won’t be when the new legislature meets. We have to let Springfield know how we feel.

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