Rumors fly. Quinn talking. Madigan is not.

Man. I go away for a couple of hours to the gym and come back to a load of emails and phone calls about developments in Springfield.

This morning I write that the IEA big-wigs think they can’t get a cost shift out of the General Assembly and this afternoon the Sun-Times reports that Snakey Quinn is announcing a deal with Madigan. Quinn is saying that he and Madigan could back off the cost shift and pass the rest of the pension deforms.

But Madigan isn’t talking.

And his people are only suggesting a deal could happen.

And Sneaky, er, Snakey Quinn really isn’t in a position to speak for Madigan.

Here’s what is problematic about all this:

The cost shift is legal. It is just politically suicidal.

The rest of the pension deforms are constitutionally questionable.

The courts might find that pension cuts impacting current teachers are legal.

But cuts to current retiree benefits would have a very difficult chance of passing constitutional muster. And that is what the current discussions involve.

So, make your calls and, as they say: Hold on. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.


4 Replies to “Rumors fly. Quinn talking. Madigan is not.”

  1. Are the proposed COLA’ for retirees compounded? How much per hour will lawyers get from tax payers for litigating this mess if it passes?

  2. I’ve already contacted my Senator and Representative. I’ve written to my friends and colleagues to do the same. Sincerely written letters from thousands of constituents have got to help!

  3. I doubt that sincerity would have any impact on those who are willing to “kill” retired teachers and others by removing their only means of keeping alive in todays economy!

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