Tony at the Red Line Tap.


“I heard that New Glarus Belgian Red is pretty good.”

Marty smiles that killer smile of hers. “Just got some in Fred. Let me get you one. Bottle okay? Or do you need a glass?”

“Me? A glass? C’mon Marty!”

“You look a little droopy,” said Tony.

So, I explained that I had spent seven hours on a bus yesterday goin’ to the pension rally in Springfield. And the night before I had driven all the way out to Aurora to confront State Represntative Elaine Nekritz on her pension killing bill.

“That’s a lot for an old guy like me,” I said.

“Hmmm. Nekritz, huh,” said Tony.

“What does that mean?”

“Oh. Just that a guy I know used to know Elaine pretty well.”


“I didn’t say that,” said Tony.

“Well, come on. Tell me more.”

“Just that whenever she would like be having lunch with a bunch of people, she would always figure out a way to get everybody else to pay and not her.”


“I didn’t say that,” said Tony.

“And ya know,” said Tony. “It’s not like this guy had a lot of money. In fact he didn’t have a job. And most of the other people at the table weren’t exactly rolling in dough. But Elaine, who was doing pretty well, seemed like she was always scheming to find a way for those who didn’t have as much dough as she did to foot most of the bill.”

“Sounds like Nekritz. Are we talking about Nekritz?”

“I’m not sayin’,” said Tony.

“And then there’s my cousin, Borgus.”

“You have a cousin named Borgus?”

“Yes. Very well connected. Borgus is kind of an unofficial administrative assistant to a guy high up in state politics.”


“I didn’t mention any names, did I?”

“Go on.”

“And Borgus claims that Elaine learned how to skip out on bills from his boss. Unofficial boss that is. His boss is the master at getting other people to pay his bills. And he kind of took Elaine under his wing”

“Tony. I’m confused here. Are we talking about Nekritz and Madigan?”

“I can’t say,” said Tony. “But I can tell you about the guy.”

“What guy?”

“The guy who had lunch with her. You know who that guy is?”

“I’m so confused I don’t think I know anything anymore.”

“That guy is me.”

2 Replies to “Tony at the Red Line Tap.”

  1. Nekritz sounds like a opportunist…who values her own success, hoping to ride the spin of conservatives like Arnold…These folks remain adept at deceit, and do not use their positions of power to protect the greater good of the community they are supposed to represent. Would love to know what perks she is getting for her efforts…

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