Have you called yet?


The devil and his handmaiden. Democrats Madigan and Nekritz. 

The Daily Herald:

SPRINGFIELD — State Rep. Elaine Nekritz said Sunday she believes there is still time to get a pension deal done before a Wednesday deadline, and a hearing on one proposal she agreed to with House Republican Leader Tom Cross is set for Monday.

“I certainly, to my core, hope for a resolution to this,” Nekritz said. “As much as anybody, I hope to move on to different issues than this.”

Though a plan that would cut teachers’ and state workers’ retirement benefits is scheduled for a preliminary hearing before lawmakers Monday, the proposal could change before it’s final.

“There is enough time to get it done,” Nekritz said.

Supporters of cutting benefits are trying to hustle because when the next legislature featuring about three dozen new lawmakers is sworn in Jan. 9, all legislation resets and supporters have to start over.

But even if the Illinois House approves the legislation Monday, the Illinois Senate still hasn’t even committed to being in Springfield Tuesday.

It would, among other things, prevent retired teachers and state workers from getting yearly benefit increases until they turn 67 years old, and those increases would be less generous than they are now.

In addition, workers would have to eventually pay 2 percentage points more of their paychecks toward their own retirements, and the state would make a legal guarantee to pay its share every year, too.

As Gov. Pat Quinn has touted starting in DuPage County last week, local school districts wouldn’t have to pick up any more of teachers’ pension costs.

5 Replies to “Have you called yet?”

  1. I don’t agree with the word “generous” to describe cost of living increases…This deal was deferred compensation in lieu of salary raises for decades…at a time when new hires lasted no more than five years as teaching was so difficult…..

  2. Idea to fund pensions…As our funds were diverted to renovate Soldier Field and flower landscaping on Michigan avenue, and Gerry Chico’s new schools…Why not give us profits from Bear’s games, Michigan Avenue sales and charter school fund…these institutions could keep the first $25,000 of profits and then pay a pension tax to our fund….As a community worker…I would like this model…We build the city with our pension funds…so let’s get a percentage of the profits!

  3. Chicago will try to mimic that plan and shift their pension costs to the state? They will be able to argue that equity. That possibility may stop this plan from happening.

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