5 Replies to “The Great Pension Robbery.”

  1. when I hear about the “poor taxpayer” who now pays 67% more…I have to chuckle…Illinois is rich, but the state revenues are low…because the rich and connected keep their money…these taxpayers sent their kids to school where teachers did the bulk of educating and raising the next generation. We need progressive graduated income taxes in Illinois so that we will not be at the bottom of the list in education and honoring contracts with public workers.

  2. How about this one, Fred. My State Rep., Bill Cunningham was elected the the Illinois Senate this past November and will replace the retiring Ed Maloney on Wednesday. IF the pension bill passes the House tomorrow(which he has indicated he will vote for), but does not get called in the Senate, Cunningham(one of the Nekritz 21), will then be able to screw us TWICE on the pension bill after he is sworn into the Senate on Wednesday. WTF?!?!

  3. Fred,

    Desperate times calls for desperate measures. This is the personal cell phone number of my State Senator, Ed Maloney; (773)220-8435. Maloney retires from the Senate on Wednesday. However, should the pension bill pass through the house tomorrow, it will then be called for a vote in the Senate, where I strongly suspect he will vote in favor of it. I have come to know the Senator the past couple of years and I can say that he is a good guy. Unfortunately, I can only describe him as a Madigan operative. He has voted in favor of every pension reduction measure over the last two years and worked hard to pass SB7 as well. I encourage you to post his number and request that your readers to call and text him tomorrow as often as possible.


  4. Just printed out Eric Zorn’s article from the Tribune on how Illinois ranks on tax revenue and services compared to other states…..WOW..what an eye opener….per capita…we are not collecting enough taxes compared to other states…check it out…just google…”How Illinois tax revenues compare to other 49 states?” Wiikipedia also has an interesting ranking..be sure to check the collection of taxes per capita…not population number.

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