Extremely local news. Resurrecting the Skokie chapter of IEA Retired.


Retired IEA members on the north side and near north suburbs need an IEA Retired chapter.

I know I have readers all over the country, but this is extremely local news.

When I retired last June I sent in my dues money to join IEA Retired.

Everywhere I have spoken about the fight to preserve our promised pensions I have told people that the number one thing that they needed to do – before they did anything else – was to join something. Anything. Klonsky’s Rules, if you will. More is better than one. More in a group is better than more by themselves.

“One is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do,” sang Three Dog Night. And they were right.

I got my membership info and was assigned to the Skokie chapter. But for reasons long lost to anyone I know, there is no active Skokie chapter of IEA Retired.

But there are hundred of retired IEA members on the City’s north side and near north suburbs.

When we took two buses last week from the Oak Mill Shopping Center to Springfield there were twenty retired teachers on them. Imagine how many there would have been if we had a group?

By Skokie chapter, I just mean those retired IEA members covered by the geographic area that falls under the wing of the IEA office off Dempster in Skokie. You don’t have to live or have taught in Skokie.

Kim Riley is the IEA staff person who handles retired stuff. She works out of the Bloomington office. Janet Kilgus is the elected leader of IEA Retired. And Pat Church is one of the great staff people in the Skokie IEA office.

I’ve known Pat for years. I’ve talked to Kim a lot lately. Janet and I have exchanged emails over mobilizing for Springfield.

All three are on board about resurrecting the Skokie chapter.

If you are interested in this project, please contact me or pat.church@ieanea.org or kim.riley@ieanea.org or janet.kilgus@ieanea.org.

Next time you won’t have to imagine what we could do if we had a group.

We’ll have a group.

5 Replies to “Extremely local news. Resurrecting the Skokie chapter of IEA Retired.”

  1. Maybe the group could consider talking to Dan Hynes…who ran on the campaign of “progressive graduated income taxes….and suggesting boycotts

  2. Fred,

    How about joining the Illinois Retired Teachers Association? It is the ONLY group in Illinois focused solely on protecting the benefits and needs of retired educators. The IRTA won’t throw us under the bus in the interest of those still actively teaching! You will be able to select which location chapter you want to join and can become as active as you desire.

    Of course, IRTA has other programs addressing the needs of its members but it is very active in the legislative arena. I sit on the legislative committee and have been very pleased with all the info and insites I have received.

    We could benefit from your perspectives and abilities.

    1. I am a member of the North Lakeshore Chapter of IRTA. But I also see the need to continue to be a part of the 130,000 member IEA and the 3 million member NEA. Everything helps.

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