Garfield High teachers get support from the AFT. From the NEA? Crickets.

AFT President Randi Weingarten:

Dear Garfield High School Teachers:

Thank you. Thank you for taking a courageous stand against the fixation on high-stakes testing and its harmful impact on our ability to give our students the high-quality public education they deserve.

Your actions have propelled the national conversation on the impact of high-stakes testing. Every educator understands that appropriate assessments are an integral part of a high-quality education system. But an accountability system obsessed with measuring, which punishes teachers and schools, comes at a huge cost to children. This fixation on testing has narrowed our curriculums and deprived our students of art, music, gym and other subjects that enrich their minds and make learning fun. Teachers have been forced to spend too much time on test preparation and data collection, at the expense of more engaging instruction. Ironically, this fixation on high-stakes testing actually does the opposite of what its proponents tell us it will do.

Learning is more than a test score, and teaching and learning—not testing—should drive classroom instruction. We need to be focused on growing and nurturing the minds of our students—to ensure that they can think creatively and analytically. It’s no longer enough to teach kids to memorize a bunch of numbers and terms; they must think critically and be able to absorb and interpret knowledge. We must ensure that our children are able to not only dream their dreams but also achieve them. At the same time, we must prepare students for civic engagement and to value that we all have a collective responsibility to one another.

The AFT and tens of thousands of educators, parents and students stand with you in this effort. The AFT passed a resolution at our national convention last summer focused on rebalancing our national education priorities and ensuring that teaching and learning drive our education policies. And we are focused on uniting communities across the country around this issue.

Thank you for leading this conversation.

Randi Weingarten
AFT President

Seattle Education Association is a National Education Association affiliate. From NEA President Dennis Van Roekel:

From the IEA?

2 thoughts on “Garfield High teachers get support from the AFT. From the NEA? Crickets.

  1. This is totally unfair to IEA.
    If the NEA makes only cricket voices in support of Garfield teachers, the the total silence of Klickna and the IEA should be considered a… a…
    Well, since Klickna and the IEA only make too-little-too-late noise for their own people in Illinois, then at least… then at… then…
    Maybe we retirees should all chip in to buy kazoos for Klickna and the IEA since they can’t even make timely cricket noises as part of a national union.

  2. I wonder why all of those glue sniffing Educators for Obama jackasses are who smiled so proudly and beamed with doltish admiration for the guy who’s been selling them out for 4 years all ready. Where do they find such dumb teachers?

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