Make me a wedge issue.


We had the family over for bagels yesterday morning during the inauguration.  I had it streaming with the sound off. It may have been the best way to to watch it.

Although it meant we missed George Stephanopoulos thinking Bill Russell was Morgan Freeman.

Well. You know.

It meant I had to read Obama’s speech later.

Oh. Did I mention that Anne and I consider Al Green’s Let’s Stay Together our song. Whatever “our song” means. We consider it our song. 

Jennifer Hudson’s version is okay. Barack and Michelle are welcome to it.

Anne and I are keeping the Rev. Green’s version, however. It’s ours.

Just like Beyonce’s version of At Last for the first inaugural ball was really good. But I prefer the soulful Etta James.

But back to Obama’s speech.

Democrats loved it. It was the classic New Deal Democratic speech. With the addition of adding Stonewall to Selma and Seneca Falls and not quite mentioning same-sex marriage specifically. Instead he talked about our brothers and sisters being treated like everyone else. So, we knew.

I think I’m getting the strategy.

Obama will adopt the decades-old Republican strategy of using wedge-issues.

The Democrats have discovered two things: Basing yourself on what old white guys want doesn’t give you a ruling majority anymore. And to hold power you don’t have to actually do anything. You just have to talk the talk. This gets the wackos in the GOP all riled up so they talk about things like legitimate rape and how if Martin Luther King were alive today he would be for guns.

It’s working. The Republicans have become the incredible shrinking Party.

This is what some progressive Democrats have been asking Obama to do for the last four years.

So, now we’ll see.

Of course, actually walking the walk would be better.

And add some more wedge issues:

Like the ending the use of drones.

And  ending market-based school reform.

Now that would have gotten me away from the bagels.

One Reply to “Make me a wedge issue.”

  1. Bagels or Obama…live probably would have been better than the endless commentary, but I couldn’t have passed up those bagels either.

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